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Product and Process Improvement

Financial Analysis: A thorough internal evaluation will be made of the contribution that your assets are making to company performance. These results can be benchmarked against other companies.

Product Evaluation Your products and their specifications (recipes, assembly instructions and bill of materials) will be studied. Product samples will be taken, within your plant and from customer inventory, and analyzed with necessary instrumentation and statistical techniques, to determine how well they are meeting specifications, customer expectations and applicable regulatory codes. Competitive product samples can also be evaluated and compared with your products to determine if opportunities exist to reduce product cost. Customer expectations can be surveyed if necessary to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your products and services. The key relationships between your product and the expectations of your customer will be defined and documented.

Process and Practice Evaluation: Recommendations will be made to change product specifications where this will result in increased customer satisfaction (higher quality, lower cost, better service and faster delivery) or profitability improvement. The manufacturing processes and the business processes supporting them will be reviewed. Recommendations will be made for reengineering business procedures and the manufacturing process (including capital equipment employed).

Quantified Benefits: Well managed assets increase your customers' satisfaction by decreasing costs, improving delivery, simplifying billing, and generally improving quality of products and services. We will quantify benefits in the areas of: asset utilization, increased production; labor waste, material utilization, cycle time; reduced product "give away"; and quality enhancements.

Recommended Improvements: We will describe proven paths to achieving the changes necessary to improve your business and production processes so that you can realize the desired benefits. Implementation cost estimates, expected benefits, time schedules and rate-of-return calculations will be done.

Implementation: We will be available to assist in managing or performing implementation activities. Our level of involvement can vary from simply making recommendations to assuming complete responsibility for implementation. For projects that require automation, we can apply computer and PLC based automation and instrumentation. We are experts at applying National Instruments products (e.g. LabVIEW) to solving client problems.