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Laboratory automation is one of our specialties.
-Greg Sussman, Process Automation Corporation

PAC Automation Services

LabVIEW Based Software Engineering

We have extensive experience using the G programming language (i.e. LabVIEW) and use it exclusively in our work because of the tremendous development time advantage available (when compared to sequential code programming languages). Over many years we've perfected TrendSafe-SCADA®, a library of automation software tools that we use as a platform for most of our projects.  The use of TrendSafe-SCADA® greatly reduces project development time. 

We have experience working in industries such as: Bioscience, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Cosmetics & Fragrances, Chemicals, Electronics, Plastics, Paper, Films, Metals, Coating/Treating, Structural Health Monitoring, Waste Water Treatment and Information Services.

We can provide expertise in the construction of computer based automation systems. This includes the selection and installation of: instrumentation; computer hardware and software; control algorithm; and the final control elements. We can also develop and implement algorithms and advanced control strategies for difficult-to-control processes using mathematical techniques and process modeling.

Our typical software design and development projects are executed in several 1-2 week phases. This approach is preferred because it allows more accurate cost and schedule estimates for subsequent phases, and it eliminates the need for up-front estimation of total project costs and schedules which are usually quite inaccurate. Activities we perform are done, and billed, on a time, materials and expense basis. We will not provide "not-to-exceed" cost quotations for client projects without a well written and comprehensive functional specification.

Product and Process Improvement

Process Automation Corporation consults with manufacturing businesses to help them improve the profitability of their operations and the quality of their products. We do this by clearly defining all of the factors that have major quality, profitability and performance impacts. At our customer's request, we can produce a report that contains broad enhancement recommendations for changing the important process and operational factors, along with estimates of probable financial gains and business impacts. When our recommendations are accepted, our associates can make detailed implementation suggestions on how to reengineer and automate processes, change practices, and apply computer based technology for improvement. To insure and quantify best results, we can do a follow-up evaluation in the year following implemntation.