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PARISS Hyperspectral Imaging System mounted on a microscope

PARISS Hyperspectral Imaging System
mounted on a microscope

Lightform, Inc: Hyperspectral Imaging

LightForm, Inc. http://www.lightforminc.com/ markets a spectral imaging system (under the trade name of PARISS) for use in image segmentation, differentiation, identification and quantification. A sample is typically imaged through a microscope or other optical instrument. It contains two CCD cameras which are coupled to a Windows machine through a IEEE-1394 interface. One camera displays an image that the user would normally observe through the instrument eyepiece (Observed Image) while the other displays a spectrally derived image (Hyperspectral Image), derived from a segment of the Observed Image.

The following features are provided by the PAC developed software:

  • Control of camera functions (e.g. gain, contrast, exposure time and picture acquisition).
  • Spectral classification based on cross correlation to aid in identifying sample content.
  • Reduction of the spectral image to a series of intensity plots versus wavelength for use in evaluating sample content.
  • Low pass filtering of spectral intensity plots to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Image display using false color image enhancement. • Basic image arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
  • Save raw and mathematically manipulated images to files.
  • Automatic scanning of the microscope slide holder (stage) to automate image data collection.
The entire instrument including a translation stage, cameras and sophisticated data processing were integrated by Process Automation Corporation via LabVIEW and its IMAQ imaging extension.